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When she'd heard the news, Rise Kujikawa knew immediately what she had to do.

First, she'd done what any idol who secretly had a boyfriend would do, and followed her schedule like normal: recording some lines for a cameo role in an anime, joining the girls from Kanamin Kitchen to give an interview to another group of up-and-coming idols, and appearing on a famous variety show.

Then, she'd done what any devoted girlfriend would do, and told Inoue-san to cancel anything else she had scheduled for the rest of that day and the next, because she really had to go home. Her manager had looked at her knowingly, but hadn't protested or pressed her about it, which Rise was grateful for. She'd come up with a whole story about her grandmother being ill and needing someone to stay with her for a few days, but she didn't like lying to Inoue-san. wasn't like she could completely tell him the truth either, even if he suspected her real reasons for returning to Inaba.

Regardless of the potential scandal, Rise had quickly packed a bag, donned a low-key disguise, and boarded the next train from Tokyo to Inaba, and a few hours (and several train-transfers) later, she'd stepped off onto the Inaba station platform, breathing in the warm, clean evening air.

She didn't linger too long, however, hurrying first to her grandmother's house (both to greet her grandmother and also to freshen herself up, not to mention change clothes), then making a beeline for the Hanamura residence.

After all, Teddie had texted her that morning to let her know that Yosuke-senpai was so sick that he'd had to stay home from school, and that the rest of the Hanamuras were out of town on some Junes-related business trip, leaving Yosuke and Teddie to fend for themselves. (And Yosuke had "bearly" protested the night before when Teddie had swiped his wallet to go buy Topsicles. So whatever this sickness was, it was something "SUPER grizzly"!) If it was really that serious, Rise decided, then she needed to be there, to help nurse Yosuke back to health.

...Which is why she was knocking on the door to Yosuke-senpai's house at that very moment. ♥
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[Prompt stolen from here!]

Rise Kujikawa was dead.

She wasn't entirely sure how it had happened, but her best guess was that whoever had thrown her into the TV the first time had decided to try again...on a day when it was already raining. Shadows had been everywhere, and her still-new Persona Himiko's radar wasn't developed enough to let her easily find her way back to the areas in the TV world that she was familiar with. Still, she'd done her best to stay out of the way, to use Himiko's abilities to avoid the Shadows, and while she knew she'd done very well for someone so inexperienced, in the end she'd been cornered, and overrun, and everything had gone dark...

...And for the briefest of moments, she'd thought she'd been hanging upside down from something high up...

But then, with a jolt, she'd found herself in the plush blue velvet back seat of a moving limousine...staring across at a beautiful blonde woman with unsettling eyes, and a being who looked more like a caricature of a goblin than an actual person, what with his creepishly long nose and buggy eyes.

He'd spoken for a while about a contract, about how it wasn't the usual sort of contract that he oversaw but that he was making a special exception for reasons that he wouldn't--or at least didn't--explain. Rise's head was spinning, and she had trouble focusing on everything he was saying, but she got the basics, at least:

1. She was dead.

2. She had a small chance, one way, of not staying dead.

3. To not stay dead, she had to get someone to fall in love with her, and to make that harder-

"Six days. You'll have six days to find your sole witness--the one person who can see you, even as a ghost. Then, you must win their heart. For only by true love can your body be restored from the Shadows."

After that, she must've nodded off, because the next thing Rise knew, she was standing in front of the stairs in Okina City, in front of the Okina Station. And well, where better to find that one person she was looking for than in a crowded area like that? (And if she didn't have any luck here, she'd go back to Inaba and look around Junes, since that was a pretty busy area these days, too. And if that was no would be onward to Tokyo!)

Rise wasn't too worried. She was good at making people fall in love with her--she was a famous idol, after all...though actually, she was really only good at making people fall in love with Risette. And Risette wasn't the real her...only yes, she was, she'd accepted that...but...AUGH, it was complicated!

...So, okay, maybe she was a little worried. Or more than a little worried. But whatever, she'd manage this! Even if she didn't want to be an idol any more, she'd still come too far and worked too hard to die so soon! She hadn't really had a chance to live her life as a normal girl, or to spend much time with her (promisingly genuine-seeming) new friends, or to fall in dying before she did any of that just wasn't gonna happen!

It didn't matter if she had to get back on that train and travel all over Japan! She'd find that "sole witness" or whatever, and knock him off his feet!

Whoever he was, he wouldn't know what hit him. ♥


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