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Oct. 5th, 2015 07:00 pm
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[Prompt stolen from here!]

Rise Kujikawa was dead.

She wasn't entirely sure how it had happened, but her best guess was that whoever had thrown her into the TV the first time had decided to try again...on a day when it was already raining. Shadows had been everywhere, and her still-new Persona Himiko's radar wasn't developed enough to let her easily find her way back to the areas in the TV world that she was familiar with. Still, she'd done her best to stay out of the way, to use Himiko's abilities to avoid the Shadows, and while she knew she'd done very well for someone so inexperienced, in the end she'd been cornered, and overrun, and everything had gone dark...

...And for the briefest of moments, she'd thought she'd been hanging upside down from something high up...

But then, with a jolt, she'd found herself in the plush blue velvet back seat of a moving limousine...staring across at a beautiful blonde woman with unsettling eyes, and a being who looked more like a caricature of a goblin than an actual person, what with his creepishly long nose and buggy eyes.

He'd spoken for a while about a contract, about how it wasn't the usual sort of contract that he oversaw but that he was making a special exception for reasons that he wouldn't--or at least didn't--explain. Rise's head was spinning, and she had trouble focusing on everything he was saying, but she got the basics, at least:

1. She was dead.

2. She had a small chance, one way, of not staying dead.

3. To not stay dead, she had to get someone to fall in love with her, and to make that harder-

"Six days. You'll have six days to find your sole witness--the one person who can see you, even as a ghost. Then, you must win their heart. For only by true love can your body be restored from the Shadows."

After that, she must've nodded off, because the next thing Rise knew, she was standing in front of the stairs in Okina City, in front of the Okina Station. And well, where better to find that one person she was looking for than in a crowded area like that? (And if she didn't have any luck here, she'd go back to Inaba and look around Junes, since that was a pretty busy area these days, too. And if that was no good...it would be onward to Tokyo!)

Rise wasn't too worried. She was good at making people fall in love with her--she was a famous idol, after all...though actually, she was really only good at making people fall in love with Risette. And Risette wasn't the real her...only yes, she was, she'd accepted that...but...AUGH, it was complicated!

...So, okay, maybe she was a little worried. Or more than a little worried. But whatever, she'd manage this! Even if she didn't want to be an idol any more, she'd still come too far and worked too hard to die so soon! She hadn't really had a chance to live her life as a normal girl, or to spend much time with her (promisingly genuine-seeming) new friends, or to fall in love...so dying before she did any of that just wasn't gonna happen!

It didn't matter if she had to get back on that train and travel all over Japan! She'd find that "sole witness" or whatever, and knock him off his feet!

Whoever he was, he wouldn't know what hit him. ♥

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Date: 2015-10-11 02:30 am (UTC)
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She'd taken time off. Moved to town. They saw the stupid TV, and they'd tried to warn her. She'd been taken anyway - thrown in like so many before her. They fought, but no, that wasn't quite right. They'd scratched and clawed their way through the worst of her inner demons, and thrown Teddie's on top for good measure. They'd won, somehow, just like they always did. They'd found a way, saved a celebrity. An idol. They'd gained a new teammate - maybe even a new friend.

Then she was dead.

They all took it hard, of course. They'd all cried and mourned in their own ways, but Yosuke... he felt lost. It was the second death he'd had to deal with in such a short time. In some ways, it was easier to process than when Saki-senpai had died. After all, he'd felt close to Saki (despite whatever the reality might've been), and it was deeply personal. Rise didn't have that. Sure, he knew Rise - but then, he couldn't say they were close. Did he even really know her? He thought he might, but how could he be certain? No, what stung the most with Rise was the utter helplessness he felt. After Saki, and after dealing with his own demons, he'd felt like he was making a difference. They were saving people! To see that it could all be undone in an instant was a despair like none he'd ever felt before.

They were still a team. They'd come together. They'd tried to comfort each other, but Yosuke was having trouble adjusting. Inaba had begun to feel stifling. With that in mind, he found himself in Okina, wandering the streets of the shopping plaza in a daze. There was no comfort to be found there, but at least he was free from familiar faces. Here, away from the shopping district of home, he wouldn't be haunted by her ghost.

Looking up at the sky, he sighed. It was getting late - he needed to head back. The ambient city of the noise had been enough to distract him out here, but he knew it wouldn't be enough for the train. Yosuke opted to take a moment to slip his headphones back on, press play on his music, and crank the volume. It took his attention just long enough that he was woefully unprepared for the sight that greeted him when he looked up.

Rise Kujikawa.

Right in front of the train station.

His feet refused to carry him further, and his jaw dropped. Blinking didn't even have the decency to reveal her as a hallucination. In that moment, Yosuke's world stood still.

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Date: 2015-10-11 08:40 pm (UTC)
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He'd finally lost it. Maybe he'd lost it a long time ago, when he first thought he was going into TV's and saving people from themselves. It was unbelievable to begin with, right? That he could have some special power to summon and use to protect the town. He wasn't a monster fighter, he was the Junes kid. The manager's son. Clearly, he'd lost it a long time ago and was only now realizing it. But then... why her? If he was already crazy, why would his brain torture him with the image of failure?

No, he wasn't crazy. He was dreaming. He chuckled to himself as he slipped his headphones back off before rubbing his eyes. That was the only explanation, right? He never actually went to Okina. Soon, he'd wake up in his bed. She'd still be gone, and he'd have to swallow his failure and trudge through another day. He'd navigate around the reporters swarming Inaba - the damn vultures, trying to prey off the death of a teenage idol - and just try to get through his day. With any luck, there wouldn't be more camped around his house, trying to get a word with one of the last people to see Rise Kujikawa alive. He'd go to school, go to work, drift through the entire day until he could find himself in another sweet dream.

Someone shoved him from behind as they passed, interrupting his train of thought as he stumbled forward, towards her. That... usually didn't happen in his dreams. He looked up, and she was still there. Asking if he could see her. It was enough to make him want to cry.

"Come on... isn't it bad enough that you're gone? Now I have to hallucinate you too?!" He was certain he looked crazy, arguing with someone who certainly couldn't be there, but Yosuke didn't care anymore. He needed to say something - to say anything! There was too much to hold back anymore.
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He found himself taking a step backwards from the force of her poke, and just like that, his world view shattered. Nothing made sense anymore. She was alive? And just out, in broad daylight, without the world making a scene? How was that even possible? What was her death then, a publicity stunt? Since when was she the type to do something like that? No - he shook his head - she wasn't the type to do something like that. So what did this even mean?

"I... there's no way, I..." He looked between her hand and the rest of her increduously, his world crumbling around him in equally amazing and horrifying ways.

"This doesn't make sense. We saw - we all saw, but here you are and..." Yosuke trailed off as he shook his head again, trying to make sense of it all. Somehow, even with everything he'd already seen, this was the thing that stretched his brain too far.

"Please... I don't understand..."

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Date: 2017-04-23 02:02 am (UTC)
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He listened, his attention completely undivided. He didn't notice the people whispering about the boy staring at nothing in the street, didn't notice the funny looks he was getting, and didn't care about the wide berth everyone was giving him. What else could he do? He was convinced that she wasn't just a hallucination - no way his mind could come up with something like this - but still wasn't sure what he should think, especially with the thought that somehow, he was special. Somehow, for some reason, only he could see her. Not only could he see her, but he somehow had to help her come back to the land of the living.


By doing... something. That part was more than a little fuzzy.

Still, somehow, just listening to her gave him a sense of hope - a sense of normalcy. It was a challenge, sure, but one that they had a chance of conquering. If it weren't for the subject matter, it would've been easy to forget that it wasn't a normal day, or a normal situation. At the very least, he tried to ignore the faint tint of his cheeks at her wink, instead sighing and rubbing the back of his head.

"Lucky is right, but man... there's still a lot we need to go over, and the middle of the train station probably isn't the best place. Let's head back to my place and figure this out."


Date: 2017-04-23 03:17 am (UTC)
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A thousand things were already spinning through his head. Where would she stay? Would she stay with him? Would going home be an option, or would it be too weird? Would it even matter if she went home when only he could see her? Should he tell their friends? Would any of them actually believe him, or would they just think he'd finally lost it? Would they try to force him into some sort of counseling, or maybe to a doctor? If she stayed with him, would she want the bed? Would she-

... would she suddenly be clinging onto his arm, and feeling very real in the process? That was one question he had an answer to at least. He tried not to read too much into it. After all, he was the only person who could see her, and wouldn't it be natural to want some sort of re-assuring contact? And besides, he couldn't think like that - like some starstruck fanboy! She needed his help, and he wouldn't be much help to her if he let his emotions run wild at the smallest of things. So he did his best to smile and try to ignore the thoughts running around his head.

As they started to make their way to his home, he gave her a one handed shrug and a quiet response.

"It's not like I have a great reputation to lose, here. As long as I'm not too loud, it'll be fine. And if you really want to know, well..."

He hesitated for just a moment, unsure if he should share the truth with her. Wouldn't it just make it more complicated? But then, the situation was already complicated, so he just let it out.

"I was trying to take a walk and clear my head a bit. It's... harder to do that back home, where everything just made me think of you. It's also why I'm still a little worried that this isn't real and I'm just in the middle of a breakdown right now."

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Date: 2017-04-23 06:47 pm (UTC)
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In any other circumstance, he'd have been living his dream. He had Risette - the one and only Risette - on his arm, holding onto him tightly and turning up the charm to a number not even on the dial. She was warm and soft and flirty and inviting and everything that most guys could dream of.

The problem was that this wasn't any other circumstance. She wasn't just Risette to him anymore, she was Rise Kujikawa, his teammate. The person. Not only that, she was Rise Kujikawa, his deceased teammate, and though he hadn't been sure before, he now had absolute confirmation that grief was not an emotion that mixed well with 'flirting' or... really anything he associated with the idol Risette. The weird feeling it gave him was enough to make him consider pulling away from her, but he swallowed it down. He was all she had right now, so he could at least not make it the most awkward thing in the world by acting like a jerk for no reason. He sighed and kept his voice low, glancing around for a place to stay apart from the crowd while they waited for the train home.

"Well... you could start by teasing me less?" He was sure it was all in good fun, but still. It would've been hard enough being teased by a Rise everyone could see - he couldn't exactly call her bluff and say 'Sure, kiss me,' and then make a kissy face at nothing at the train platform. He had told her that he didn't have much reputation to lose, and while true, it didn't mean he wanted someone to call the cops on him for acting like a crazy person.

"Besides, without the rest of the group around, it's not like you have an audience to see me trip over myself."


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