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Apr. 22nd, 2017 11:14 pm
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When she'd heard the news, Rise Kujikawa knew immediately what she had to do.

First, she'd done what any idol who secretly had a boyfriend would do, and followed her schedule like normal: recording some lines for a cameo role in an anime, joining the girls from Kanamin Kitchen to give an interview to another group of up-and-coming idols, and appearing on a famous variety show.

Then, she'd done what any devoted girlfriend would do, and told Inoue-san to cancel anything else she had scheduled for the rest of that day and the next, because she really had to go home. Her manager had looked at her knowingly, but hadn't protested or pressed her about it, which Rise was grateful for. She'd come up with a whole story about her grandmother being ill and needing someone to stay with her for a few days, but she didn't like lying to Inoue-san. But...it wasn't like she could completely tell him the truth either, even if he suspected her real reasons for returning to Inaba.

Regardless of the potential scandal, Rise had quickly packed a bag, donned a low-key disguise, and boarded the next train from Tokyo to Inaba, and a few hours (and several train-transfers) later, she'd stepped off onto the Inaba station platform, breathing in the warm, clean evening air.

She didn't linger too long, however, hurrying first to her grandmother's house (both to greet her grandmother and also to freshen herself up, not to mention change clothes), then making a beeline for the Hanamura residence.

After all, Teddie had texted her that morning to let her know that Yosuke-senpai was so sick that he'd had to stay home from school, and that the rest of the Hanamuras were out of town on some Junes-related business trip, leaving Yosuke and Teddie to fend for themselves. (And Yosuke had "bearly" protested the night before when Teddie had swiped his wallet to go buy Topsicles. So whatever this sickness was, it was something "SUPER grizzly"!) If it was really that serious, Rise decided, then she needed to be there, to help nurse Yosuke back to health.

...Which is why she was knocking on the door to Yosuke-senpai's house at that very moment. ♥
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